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Eat Your Heart Out
by Nicole Zimmerer

July 10th, 2020

Thirsty for blood, hungry for love
n a world where mythological creatures and humans try to coexist in society, Eat Your Heart Out is a play about three sexy siren sisters. After a young man mysteriously goes missing, they flee to Virginia. They try to pass as humans to evade the detective who has hunted them for years. Ilione, the youngest of the sisters, suffered a horrific attack and now uses a wheelchair. Upon their arrival she bonds with their neighbor, Ty. The illusion ends when Ty discovers their secret. Stuck between two worlds, Ilione must choose between the boy she’s fallen for and her sisters. Will Illione find true love or will there be deadly consequences?

Free Play Reading 7/10/2020 at 1:00 PM EDT

The Violet Sisters
by Gina Femia

July 17th, 24th, 31st, 2020

Forgiving when you cannot forget
In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, two estranged sisters, Pam and Sam, reunite in Brooklyn after the tragic death of their father in the storm. The sisters go head to head over drugs, guilt, and abuse as they struggle to find common ground. After 8 years apart the sisters are forced to deal with all that they have let slip away, all the words that have been left unsaid for years. The Violet Sisters is a modern play in real time that is the perfect mix of comedy and gut-wrenching realism that is rightfully unapologetic.

JULY 17th 2020 @ 7:00pm EDT
JULY 24th 2020 @ 7:00pm EDT
JULY 31st 2020 @ 7:00pm EDT


by Moliere Adapted by Bobbie Bell

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A sap, a shyster, and a slew of sinful shenanigans
Tartuffe is a classic comedy by Moliere adapted by Studio favorite Bobbie Bell (Lysistrata) is set in the roaring 20's jazz era. This screwball comedy follows the influential Parnell family as the patriarch is duped by Tartuffe. Reverend Tartuffe is a sanctimonious scoundrel who, professing extreme piety, insinuates himself into the household and slowly strips the Parnell family of their wealth. With many of the men duped, the women of the house rebuff Tartuffe's sexual advances and see through his guise. It's up to the ladies to expose the Reverend's hypocrisy and save the estate. Join us this week for this modern twist on a 17th century classic comedy. It sure to be the bee's knees.

The Squirrel Plays
by Mia McCullough

June 26th, 2020

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Infestation, Compensation, and Eradication
The Squirrel Plays is a trilogy of one-acts by Mia McCullough. It's a metaphorical depiction of relevant social issues in America today. The plays broach many sensitive subjects including unwanted pregnancies, the use of public funds for termination, gun violence, and racism all under the guise of squirrels and the suburban community's plans to control the small animals. These absurdist comedies about squirrel problems are a hilarious metaphor for social issues presented in a timely dark comedy about middle class liberal hypocrisy.

Free Play Reading 6/26/2020 at 1:00pm EDT

by Greg Burdick

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The apple doesn't fall far from the teacher
A concerned parent, whose son is in danger of failing one of his classes, schedules a conference with Celeste Dawkins, her son's high school science teacher. When accused of not honoring the state and federal-mandated modifications required for her son's different learning style, Dawkins loses her cool in an explosive tirade, provoking a high-stakes lawsuit against the school district. With her job on the line, Dawkins raises questions about the inherent risks of making special considerations for students claiming to have unique needs in her classroom, when the real world outside its walls doesn't seem to care.

Ever Young
by Alice Gerstenberg (1924)

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Clutch your pearls and drop your cane.
Ever Young, a one-act play set in 1920's Palm Beach, FL follows the conversations of gossiping women about restricted diets, knitting needles, pearls, reset diamonds, and walking sticks. Some of these women have lost their husbands by death, some by divorce; others are finding new romance and reminiscing on the bygone days of love and loss. Carrying a whiff of feminism, this funny play could be a precursor to the Golden Girls. Alice Gerstenberg's play will tug at your heartstrings, make you laugh, and reveal the "truth of youth".

A post nuclear play by A. A. Gardner (2019)

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Is humanity born or created?
Qualia, a post-nuclear play by central Florida playwright Ashleigh Ann Gardner, is a dystopian story set 100 years in the future. The world has been decimated by toxic radiation save a few lingering humans. Alex lives alone safely tucked away in a bunker made by her doomsday prepping parents. Her only companion is Dominic. Dom is an omnipresent artificially intelligent program engineered by her mother, a computer science professor. Alex and Dom are the only "living" creatures for miles. Until one day a knock outside the bunker door turns their safe world upside down. This intelligent and modern play explores what qualities are needed to be a part of humanity, and who makes those decisions? Do personality, care, and love make you human; or do you need a bodily experience too? Tune into the reading of this funny and honest play about finding what it means to be human in a modern, isolated world.

by Sophocles (441 BC) translation by Don Taylor (1986)

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Standing up for your beliefs despite all consequences.
Antigone, written by Sophocles in 441 BC, is a defiant story of bravery in the face of an unjust law. This Greek tragedy is sparked by Antigone's loyalty to both of her brothers after their deaths on opposite sides of the battlefield. After winning the civil war, King Creon decrees traitors will not receive a proper burial. Antigone, being a woman of strong belief, defies the new order. This story details the tragic repercussions of her act of civil disobedience and love for her family.

A Woman of No Importance
by Oscar Wilde (1893)

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One woman bears the sin of two
Set in Victorian England on Lady Hunstanton's Estate, an intriguing family drama unfolds revealing closely-guarded secrets and unforgiven sins. A Woman of No Importance by Oscar Wilde satirizes the double standards between men and women in the English upper-class. Over teacups and biscuits insults are hurled and gloves are flung.

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by Aristophanes

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Wars are won in the bedroom.
Lysistrata, the classic Grecian comedy written by Aristophanes explores what happens when women collectively say "get out, I'm not puttin' out!" The women of ancient Greece have had enough of the Peloponnesian War. They want their men back at home and off the battlefields. Lysistrata gathers the ladies together to unfold a plan of action. The women from Sparta, Thebes, and Athens vow to deny their husbands carnal pleasures until they sign a peace treaty. This ancient Greek comedy explores gender roles and the power that comes with passion. Written in 411BC, this ancient Greek comedy still rings true today with laugh out loud relevance.

By Susan Glaspell

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The secret's in the sewing box
An investigation begins after Mr. Wright is found murdered in his bed with a noose around his neck; the only suspect is his wife. The local sheriff and neighbor return to the Wright's home with their wives to collect some of Mrs. Wright's belongings; when the men go upstairs the true investigation begins. The women sort through seemingly mundane pieces of Mrs. Wright's life finding clues in her sewing box, pantry, and kitchen. What will these women do with the insight they piece together in this not-so "cheerful" farmhouse?

Trifles, an early twentieth century play by Pulitzer Prize winner Susan Glaspell, is frequently cited as one of the greatest works of American theatre. Glaspell is noted for the discovery of Eugene O'Neill and is recognized today as a pioneering feminist voice in the theatre.

by George Bernard Shaw

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The classic comedic play that inspired My Fair Lady
The Studio Theatre Tierra del Sol presents a virtual reading of George Bernard Shaw's 1912 classic romantic comedy, Pygmalion. Eliza Doolittle, an ambitious flower girl, is picked up as a project by Henry Higgins, a world class phonetician. Professor Higgins makes a bet that he can transform Eliza from a street vendor to a high-class duchess through training in six months. But what happens when this experiment is through? Shaw's play examines class, highlights objectification of women, and pokes fun at the drawing room niceties of the period. It was the winner of the 1925 Nobel Prize and has inspired many adaptations; most notably the musical My Fair Lady.

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April 15th, 2020

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