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    A post nuclear play by A. A. Gardner (2019)

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    Is humanity born or created?

    Qualia, a post-nuclear play by central Florida playwright Ashleigh Ann Gardner, is a dystopian story set 100 years in the future. The world has been decimated by toxic radiation save a few lingering humans. Alex lives alone safely tucked away in a bunker made by her doomsday prepping parents. Her only companion is Dominic. Dom is an omnipresent artificially intelligent program engineered by her mother, a computer science professor. Alex and Dom are the only "living" creatures for miles. Until one day a knock outside the bunker door turns their safe world upside down. This intelligent and modern play explores what qualities are needed to be a part of humanity, and who makes those decisions? Do personality, care, and love make you human; or do you need a bodily experience too? Tune into the reading of this funny and honest play about finding what it means to be human in a modern, isolated world.

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