Nathaniel Storytelling

Storytelling Lab

Course Goal/Objectives

Storytelling is an essential tool of communication. For the teller, storytelling can help process life experience, allow space for self-reflection, and build confidence as a communicator. For a community, stories preserve history, create empathy, and deepen connections between peoples. The goal of Storytelling Lab is to provide students with the space, tools and practice necessary to grow in the art and craft of personal storytelling. Students will create content from personal experience, learn strategies to craft and structure these stories, and practice dynamic storytelling performance. The class will culminate in a sharing of these stories with friends and the community (memorization is not necessary).

The components of Storytelling Lab are:

Story Content

Students will generate material using various writing prompts and exercises. These stories must be personal and (mostly) true. A theme for the class will be determined by the instructor and students. Material for the final showcase will be generated around this theme.

Story Craft

Students will take material generated and edit, restructure, and finesse to create resonate, dynamic, emotionally impactful stories. Students will study and utilize various strategies and tools to unlock story potential.

Performance Skills for the Storyteller

Storytelling is a performance. Students will learn performance essentials to deliver their story in the most active, engaging way. Students will use warm-ups, vocalizations and physicality to free themselves as performers ready to connect with the audience and share openly.

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