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The Arts Bridge Charity

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The Arts Bridge Charity:
"During the peak of the pandemic so many artists lost income that they so desperately needed to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads. So, we were inspired to find a way to get cash in the hands of artists when they need it most. When they have unexpectedly lost their income due to circumstances outside their control. This could include anything from a pandemic, to natural disasters, or health issues. The ABC gives $1000 grants to these artists when they are in need."

- Whitney Morse, President of The Arts Bridge Charity -

Significant Productions

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Significant Productions:
Significant Productions was founded by Whitney Morse and Jason Goedken in late 2022. The idea for SigPro began when Whitney and Jason saw an opportunity to take their theatre organization to the next level. Whitney and Jason had both worked as actors, technicians, carpenters, and administrators all over the country in the 15 years prior. The pair had witnessed how many theatres were managed. Some of the methods they loved and ultimately stole, and others seemed archaic and not wholistically serving the artists. Armed with that experience they set out to create a space that not only created great art but also created an environment where people could thrive. Whitney and Jason strive to be inclusive of all staff members to be a part of the culture creating process. We hope that SigPro will be a place with positive vibrations for the community, artists, and employees.


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Greater Orlando Performing Arts Relief:
To provide accessible assistance during challenging times to individuals throughout Greater Orlando who typically derive income from the performing arts and/or theme park entertainment sectors. GOPAR's goal is to remain sensitive to each individual's unique circumstances, and to offer a holistic approach toward achieving long-term solutions for financial, physical, and emotional well-being.

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