$15 Previews, $35 Performances

At The Studio Theatre
Tierra Del Sol!

No. 6 by T.J. Young
Performed at The Studio Theatre Tierra Del Sol

March 29th - April 30th, 2022

2:00pm & 7:00pm

This will be performed at The Studio Theatre Tierra Del Sol. 806 San Marino Drive, The Villages, FL 32159

Can we weather the unknown together? In 2001, the death of an unarmed Black man by the police has put the city of Cincinnati on edge. This incident has incited a five-day riot setting the citizens against the police force. During these violent protests, twins Felicia and Felix hunker down with their mother in their apartment. In lockdown, Felicia fine-tunes her natural history thesis while Felix, protective of his mother and sister, takes care of the family's needs. Returning from a risky grocery run, Felix brings home more than just dinner; he drags an unconscious white man into his family's apartment. The family attempts to find out who this man is and why Felix brought him home, while the riots grow and move closer. As we learn more about the strange man, this play asks us to confront the changes we all must make in order to avoid Felicia's hypothesis of extinction event No. 6.

"The question's not if we will weather this unknown, but how we will weather the unknown together." -Amanda Gorman

Content Advisories: Stage Gun, Language, Adult Content, Herbal Cigarettes, Violence

Sign Language Interpretation: Sign Language Interpretation is available on Tuesday April 19, 2022. Please e-mail Tickets@TheVillages.com if you would like to attend this performance for the interpretation.

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