Level 4: Advanced Scene Study

6 weeks, 3 hours a week with additional times for scene rehearsal out of class - price TBA per student

Students will also be required to meet and rehearse with their scene partner outside of class time.

Please note that Levels 4 and 5 are considered advanced classes. Admittance can only be obtained by completing Levels 1-3, or by audition. Only students considered “advanced” will be allowed to enroll in levels 4 and 5 without completing the core courses.

This class is offered only to students who have completed our core classes, or by special audition. Advanced Scene Study examines three contemporary playwrights in Modern Drama, circa, 1900s-1960s. This class focuses on playwrights as diverse as Arthur Miller, Kaufman and Hart, Lillian Hellman, William Inge and potentially many others.