The Sharon L. Morse Performing Arts Academy

At The Sharon L. Morse Performing Arts Center we strive to improve our community and the lives of our residents through a variety of highly engaging, educational programs in the performing arts. Our classes are designed to provide students, of multiple ages (14 -17) (18 and up) with versatile training in vocal and physical technique, coupled with script analysis and scene study. We also present opportunities to attend master classes with local, national and international professionals.

These courses supply students with tools they will not only utilize on stage, but assist in building better self-esteem, stronger public speaking skills and overall bring the student to a closer understanding of the “role playing” he/she accomplishes in daily life.

Through a combination of emotional, physical, mental and written techniques the actor creates a living, breathing character. Our classes incite a safe, positive atmosphere which allows our students to take risks as artists and flourish from the experience. The exercises and material covered in our classes will help students to realize that acting is a portrayal of people in every walk of life and a fundamental part of the human experience.

We also offer introductory classes in theatrical design/technology, theatre history, musical theatre history and theatre appreciation.

Whether you are a beginning theatre artist, seeking first time experience, or a seasoned professional, wanting to improve your skills, our classes, are constructed to teach and improve theatre artists at any level of his or her capability.




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